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An all-in-one website for your swim and tennis club

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WaterWings is a comprehensive swim and tennis club website designed to streamline club management, provide members with great features and encourage community participation. Built by a board member to help his own club and now with thousands of happy users, we think it might help your club as well.

Filled with Great Features, including

  • Online tennis reservations with email reminders
  • Easy integration with payment services, so you can collect club dues online
  • Photo sharing with password protection
  • Organize swim meets, even sign up volunteers
  • Hold discussions and conduct votes
  • Improved email lists
  • Simplify events with a central calendar and online RSVPs
  • Easy-to-maintain, searchable membership directory

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Each club we've worked with has been sponsored entirely by a local business. The business receives an unobtrusive ad on the club's site and access to a great audience and the club receives the site at no cost.

Several current sponsors are interested in sponsoring additional clubs. We'll help match your club with a sponsor if you're concerned about finding one, but we've found most clubs have a member who's happy for the opportunity.

Streamline Your Club's Administration

Interested? We offer a free 60 day trial - Contact us!

Our number is 888 803-7946. Please call with any questions

We understand that volunteering on a club's board can take a lot of time. Waterwings helps your board govern more efficiently with a great set of features designed from first-hand experience and extensive discussions with other clubs.

Simplified Communication

Waterwings helps keep members informed about the topics they're interested in without overwhelming everyone. List membership can be kept current both by managers, who can add or remove users from a list, and by members, who can join lists that interest them.

Manage Swim Meets

Swim meets are a big challenge to organize. WaterWings helps by providing a single place for club members to visit for team information, including a meet calendar and maps to away meets, and by addressing two of the biggest hassles in organizing meets:

  • Gathering attendence information - Members can respond online with their attendance information and it will be automatically tallied for team managers
  • Organizing volunteers - Online volunteer signups mean you won't need to hold a signup drive weeks before a meet, and we'll send an email reminder so members don't forget to attend

Searchable, Up-to-Date Membership Directory

Unburden your administration by allowing users to update their own information. Members will enjoy having quick access to contact information with the search functionality, and your treasurer will appreciate the money you'll save on printing and distribution.

Easy to Manage

WaterWings is designed to be easy and intuitive to update, so your club won't need to rely on a site expert to keep it current.

Survey Your Members

Eliminate the need for mass mailings or club-wide meetings needed to collect your members' views. Stay responsive to your members with online surveys while saving on printing and mailing, and reducing organizational work.

Features Your Users Will Love

Interested? We offer a free 60 day trial - Contact us!

Our number is 888 803-7946. Please call with any questions

Your club members will know that they can find everything club-related on your site.

Online Tennis Reservations and Reminder Emails

Online tennis reservations allow members to be confident they'll have a court to play on without the hassle of first visiting the club to schedule a time. We even offer email reminders so members won't forget their reservations, and the ability to block off time each week for regular events.

Stay Current on Club Events

The calendar is a centralized place for your members to see what's coming up at your club. Managers will love the time they'll save with a calendar automatically generated from scheduled events

Share Photos

Share photos from swim meets or club parties easily, while maintaining members' privacy with password protection


Don't want to check back to the site every day for new content? No problem - use our RSS feeds to have updates delivered to you as they occur.

Build Community

Interested? We offer a free 60 day trial - Contact us!

Our number is 888 803-7946. Please call with any questions

Find a tennis partner, arrange a carpool to swim meets, share pictures from the last meet, learn about upcoming yard's all happening at your club

Organize Events and Collect RSVPs

WaterWings lets you organize your events painlessly and communicate them to your members, as well as get RSVPs right on your website. Got an idea for an event that just wasn't feasible before? Make it happen with WaterWings

Hold Discussions

Conduct club-wide conversations without holding club-wide meetings. Anything that you would call a live meeting for can be handled much easier using Waterwings' message boards. For example, before a board meeting, members can talk via private discussions and then come to the live meeting ready to act on club business.


The classifieds section is a great way to connect with other club members. Need a babysitter? Find someone you can trust in your neighborhood in the classifieds. Holding a garage sale? Get the word out!

Find Tennis Matches

Get to know your neighbors over a game of tennis. Use the tennis classifieds page to find a match for your skill level.

We have thousands of happy WaterWings users. Here's what they're saying

Interested? We offer a free 60 day trial - Contact us!

Our number is 888 803-7946. Please call with any questions

"Great site....very functional, easy-to-navigate and compelling. A HUGE improvement from what we've had in the past." - Eric, club president

"I LOVE the site and all the efficiencies it has brought us already, and appreciate all you do!" - Tamara S. social chair

I find the site very easy to maintain. When people say, "Wow you did a lot of work," I have to admit to them, "no, it was not that much, the system is set up so that I just plug everything in!" - Brian, team coach

"Really great new features! I’m impressed that you guys continue to consider the needs of your market." Nanette, club member

"The site is an easy decision economically. Because it is built to be managed by non-technical people, we don't have to hire a webmaster or coerce a member into the job. We didn't have to pay anybody to build it and we would have had to pay hosting fees. We expect to save well over the annual costs of the site in postage, printing and binding, especially if we vote to eliminate the directory next year. Add in the savings from discontinuing the $75/month for an on-line tennis reservation system and we are well ahead." Brooks, club president

"We are embarking on a large capital project at the club. The ability to poll the members and electronically vote on initiatives has been the difference in moving the project forward." - Brooks, club president

"The swim team takes a tremendous amount of time to manage. The site allows information to be managed for each meet, including volunteer management on-line. In the past sign ups and outs were manual or by email and required members to drive to the pool. Now swimmers can sign in and out and volunteers can be managed on-line." Brooks, club president

"Over the past year I've been trying to build up the club's tennis program. The ability to manage information and communicate were key to its success." Laura, club vice president